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gpasswd and less +F

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Before I knew about gpasswd, I used to add and remove users from groups using a combination of “usermod -G” and some cut and paste in the terminal window. I was even using sed to automate the command. That is now a thing of the past.

Most modern linux distributions have a gpasswd command (at least Gentoo and Ubuntu do have it). Adding a user to a group is as easy as:

# gpasswd -a username groupname

Removing is just a matter of changing the -a switch (add) into -d (delete):

# gpasswd -d username groupname

Another useful thing I discovered recently is the “follow mode” of less, which works like a tail -f. If you want to launch less in “follow mode”, you just have to add the +F switch, as in:

# less +F /var/log/messages

If you want, at any time, to scroll back through the backlog, you just have to interrupt the follow mode typing C-c (that is: control+c). Also, you don’t need to start less in follow mode to use the follow mode: you can just press F at any time within less to turn the follow mode on.


Written by Mirko Caserta

October 31, 2006 at 11:10 am

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